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drywall Karpel Construction can take care of all your drywall needs no matter the size of the job.

Drywall, also known as sheet rock, is used in homes throughout the world to form the interior walls. Gypsum is pressed between two layers of cardboard-type paper. The drywall is screwed not nailed as some contractors do (which creates the possibility of nail pops) to wall and ceiling framing that has been filled with insulation if necessary. Joints are taped over using drywall tape and then filled with plaster called joint compound and smoothed down to create a smooth, seamless finish. Once the plaster dries, walls and ceilings are painted with primer and ready for a finished coat of paint.
We use the cleanest methods of sanding, so that you have less dust throughout your house
When Do I Get My Drywall Installed?
Drywall is one of the final steps in a renovation or new building, so by the time drywall contractors are called in, heating is usually installed and running. Drywall contractors may specialize in walls or ceiling installations, while some do a mix of both. Therefore, be certain to hire the drywall contractor at the proper stage of the project – whether you need someone to do the walls or the ceiling.

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PA HIC # PA042089

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