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Your Philadelphia Area Construction Company Will Install Appealing Glass Block Windows

Glass blocks seem to be most often used in window frames where light was desired, but so was privacy. We feel it is time to bring the blocks to the bathroom to use in creative ways. Read on to discover ways of utilizing glass blocks in your block windows delaware county

If you are looking for ways to spice up your bathroom, you should consider creating a translucent shower wall. Tiles are nice, but glass blocks will give your shower a whole new dimension. the look is rich and opulent and the glass blocks allow light to seep into the shower. You can even opt for colored glass blocks for variety. Just think what a deep red or breezy blue would do for the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Having a barrier between your tub and toilet is an added bonus. This allows light to penetrate the glass blocks while blocking the view of the person using the tub. This is an idea where you can get creative. For example, instead of just building your basic glass block wall, you can design them in a stair step manner for a unique look. Again, you can opt for color, which will give you even more visual appeal. In fact, you can stagger colored blocks within a clear block wall to form shapes or other artwork.

Light is essential in your bathroom, so you might want to consider removing your standard window and replacing it with a glass block window. This way you can keep your privacy and still benefit from light.

Whatever idea you choose, we will be more than happy to install it for you. We offer custom glass block services that will leave your bathroom looking fantastic. At D. Karpel Construction, we have been proudly serving Delaware County since 1999.



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PA HIC # PA042089

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