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We have Good News for Greater Philadelphia Area Homeowners, We Specialize in Custom Glass Block Windows

People often wonder what the big deal is concerning glass block windows. Many feel it is a fad that will eventually fade into obscurity. If that is what you think, you are dead wrong. Glass block windows are more than just a passing phase, they are a trend that is here to stay, and because of many good reasons. You see, glass block windows are more than just eye candy. That is, there is more to them than just an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Glass block windows offer versatility, security, greater visibility and durability. These are critical components when considering any home construction project.

Glass blocks make great replacements for traditional windows, but they are also great as partitions, full walls and obscuring unwanted or unpleasant views. Glass blocks are the ideal medium for defining a specific area, or creating an open space. In your bathroom, glass blocks do a great job in distorting the view just enough to ensure privacy.

Up to 80 percent of available light is transmitted through glass blocks. If that is too much light, there are finished available that enable you to control the amount of light transmitted. Glass blocks offer a viable solution as partitions or decor in basements where natural sunlight is scarce.

Glass blocks are a lot tougher than conventional glass. That is, it is significantly more difficult to break glass blocks; thus thwarting baseballs, vandals and thieves. Glass blocks are also resistant to fire.

We have good news for greater Delaware County homeowners, we specialize in custom glass block windows. If you want something more than just a conventional glass window, give us a call and we will discuss further details.

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PA HIC # PA042089

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