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If You Live in the Greater Delaware Valley and Desire Glass Block Windows or Other Projects, Give Us a Call

Glass blocks are available in a wide range of colors and styles as well as designs. There are curved blocks, frosted blocks and clear blocks to choose from. You probably associate glass blocks with indoor decor, but there are many ways you can utilize glass blocks outside your home. Here are some great ideas for using glass blocks in landscaping.

Glass blocks can be used as edging. They look great lining your driveway and sidewalks to create a raised boundary. These glass blocks can be positioned on their sides for a unique look or spaced apart for a whole different look.

With minor modifications, glass blocks can be used in outdoor lighting. Drilling a small hole into the block enables the insertion of a small light. Just think about how cool this looks when you have various colored glass blocks.

Utilize glass blocks to enhance your otherwise boring brick wall or planter. Glass blocks will add a decorative flair to your brickwork.

Glass blocks make great flower beds. While everyone else in your neighborhood is using wood for their flower beds, you will have a unique and practical flower bed made from glass blocks.

Many glass blocks are heat resistant and can be used for creating awesome fire pits and barbeques. Metal inserts are available to line the pit.

Using glass blocks in one or two walls of a greenhouse serves two functions: It lets light in and makes the greenhouse more attractive.

If you live in the greater Delaware Valley and desire glass block windows or other projects, give us a call. Spring is the perfect time to make those landscaping improvements.








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PA HIC # PA042089

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