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Selling your home, have a new home or updating your existing home let D. Karpel Construction (Serving the greater Philadelphia Area)help with these high impact and high return projects

A little work can go a long way when it comes to home remodeling, and D. Karpel construction is ready to help you!

A few minor upgrades to your home will not only improve its aesthetic and functional appeal, but boost your asking price when it comes time to sell.

According to  an industry-leading survey of remodeling project costs and their recouped value when a home is sold — the value of remodeling projects is up across the board. The average amount recouped on remodeling projects nationally hit 66.1 percent, up 5.5 percentage points over last year and the largest increase since 2005.

But if you dig in, the report highlights several projects that beat that 66.1 percent average by a large margin. Projects like replacing your front door, doing some kitchen rehab or building a deck can make a big impact on your home value without making a big impact on your wallet. Minor, inexpensive fixes, done the right way, can dazzle buyers and make your whole home seem more modern, updated and expensive.


“A deck is a value-add, every time

  Add a wood deck


Average cost recouped: 87.4 percent

“A deck is a value-add, every time,”

wood decks beat out composite decks on the list, which are more popular with buyers. A composite deck will cost more  and only recoups about 74.3 percent of its value however, it will  save the buyer more money (and hassle) over time because it doesn’t require the annual maintenance a wood deck does.

we recommend  going as big as possible without adding much in the way of built-in furniture.

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PA HIC # PA042089

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